Exposition Clemenspoort, Gent, 16 December 2018 - 13 January 2019

Expo in the Clemenspoort, Gent.

Raam103, Gent, September 2018

Residence at RAAM103 in Gent.

Kunst in de stad, Roeselare, August 2018

Art happening in Roeselare.

Unable to perform, Deinze, June 2018

Art happening at the art centerplatvvorm, sculpture 8 is exhibited.

Art installation at OHNE, Gent (B), ongoing

An installation on the walls of OHNE's packaging free shop. Built with OHNE packaging materials and honeycomb cardboard.

Art Installation at the Cultural Center Macharius, Gent (B), 2017

An installation for their 10th anniversary, built with honeycomb cardboard and rope.

Warming Huts The Forks: project 'Above Zero', Canada, 2013

A project with Nick Preem, architect. An art and architectural competition to design a warming hut on the frozen Red and Assiniboine rivers at The Forks, Winnipeg, Canada.

BOSA-project, Belgacom, Liège (B), 2011

A project with Honoré d'O, artist. Conversion of a mobile phone antenna into art. The antenna is placed on a residential block of 3 floors in a white-transparent illuminated globe of 350cm diameter.

Canvascollection, Gent (B), 2010

Biennial selection event and group exhibition, selection of 3 artworks.

Kunstsalon@Hoogpoort, Gent (B), 2008

Biennial group exhibition during the summer of 2008. Exhibition of the artwork 'Pionen' in the shop called 'Toykyo'.

Brugge 2002: Octopus Outside 'As Sunflowers', Brugge (B), 2002

A project with Honoré d'O, artist. The city parks were transformed into fields of sunflowers. Residents, along with various associations and schools helped in achieving this. As further expansion of the project, there were an additional 10000 bags of sunflower seeds scattered outside the city limits.

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